Why It Is Worth Resealing Your Restaurant’s Concrete Floor

Concrete floors don’t have the best reputation. To the untrained eye, they seem dull and drab; there’s nothing flashy about them. They also seem unfinished as, generally, some tiles or carpets are used to cover the concrete floor. However, commercial businesses can gain a lot from flooring restoration. Fort Lauderdale sees a lot of restaurants with concrete floors, and thus sealing or resealing can be beneficial for them.


In commercial settings like restaurants, the stress on the floors is much greater than you would find in a home. Depending on the number of people visiting your restaurant, the pressure on your concrete floors will be immense. If the floor caters to heavy pots, pans, and machinery, you will see cracks at its edges in due time.


Polished and well-decorated floors are slowly growing in popularity. The article below will inform you why it’s worth resealing your restaurant’s concrete floors.


1. Better Resistance

We mentioned before that restaurant floors face a lot of stress. People are constantly walking about or sitting at tables. Depending on the traffic your restaurant sees, the stress can be immense. Restaurant floors also handle a lot of equipment and machinery. Machines like deep fryers, stoves, and ovens are great in number. The number is likely to increase the impact on the floor. Restoring concrete floors will provide them with better resistance. A smooth and level floor can also mean that the water will not remain on the floor and can be mopped easily.

2. It Inhibits Mold

You may not think there could be any major problems with unfinished concrete. However, that is not the case. Water can find its way into the concrete floor, and with the heat of the restaurant, a mold problem may develop in the concrete. Mold can be very bad for business, especially in a restaurant. You might have to shut down your restaurant to get rid of the mold, which will cost you a lot of time and money. Thus, you should conduct a floor restoration. Fort Lauderdale is also moist and hummus and so you don’t want something like mold to be given a chance to grow as removing it could become a monumental task.

3. It Is Safer and Clean

Sealed concrete is easier to clean. You don’t have to worry about spilling food all over the floor as you can clean it up with relative ease. The floor’s surface is also smoother, which means that dust is unlikely to settle into uncomfortable crevices. Thus cleaning up and making sure that everything is clean is more quick and efficient.

Unfinished concrete floors are also not even. This means that servers and waiters can lose their footing easily in a restaurant. It could mean more serious accidents with customers and among staff. It could bring the general service of the restaurant down. Additionally, open concrete floors also allow for a greater presence of bacteria since they are difficult to clean. So they are also not as safe.

4. It Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Sealing your restaurant floor is a way to make it much more pretty. Even if you’re going for a more rustic vibe, sealing the concrete floor can make the vibe much more healthy. Some owners use the sealing to redecorate and give a striking finish. You can opt for a sealant that has a different color or shade to match the vibe you’re going for. The sealant makes the overall surface much shinier and thus appealing.

5. It Increases Durability

Many things can go wrong when you’re working in a restaurant. Many people are hustling and bustling about. Machines can fall, pots clang to the floor, and plates may shatter. On some days, all three may happen at once. However, you deserve to have flooring that can handle these impacts without a scrape. An unsealed concrete floor will chip and get destroyed at the slightest problem. However, sealing in the concrete helps to act as a protectant.

There will be fewer chances of cracks and scratches with a sealed floor. Thus, a sealed floor is likely to last much longer than an unsealed one. It can last up to thirty years.


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