What Is Concrete Grinding and Why It’s Important?

If you’re a business owner or a homeowner in the State of Florida looking to smoothen the rough surfaces of your concrete floors, DeLeon Floor Restoration, located in Fort Lauderdale, has you covered.  

DeLeon Floor Restoration has been around for over 3 decades and is known for its honest work ethic and expertise in floor care and restoration.  

Uneven or rough surfaces can leave quite a bad impression on the guests at a glance. So, if you’ve invested in getting the perfect space with the perfect interior, you may as well go the extra mile to maintain it regularly. This can be done through a process called Concrete Grinding. 

Now, let us take a closer look at what Concrete Grinding is and its benefits for you and your property.  


What Is Concrete Grinding? 


To achieve a smooth finish on rough concrete surfaces, a concrete grinding contractor will use an abrasive tool combined with a diamond attachment on your floor and make it look as smooth and flawless as ever.  

In the first step of the process, the top layer of concrete is removed along with all the rough patches, cracks, stains, and coating, using specialized machinery. The process can be done on both wet and dry surfaces.  

At DeLeon Floor Restoration, we prefer to do this on wet floors to avoid concrete dust going everywhere and creating a health issue.  

A mental bond tool (around 40-grit) is used to grind the rough concrete. After the rough grinding is finished, it is time for finer grinding (using an 80-grit tool) to begin. The entire area is done twice to ensure maximum smoothness. 

After the grinding process is finished, the concrete needs to be hardened. This is done by applying a liquid chemical with the help of the broom across the whole surface. The chemical is allowed to seep in for about 30 minutes or even one whole day for best results.  

This incredibly specialized task must only be assigned to the most experienced professionals at DeLeon Floor Restoration, who take maximum precautions and get the job done perfectly! 

Now that you have a fair idea about the process, we’ll share the importance and benefits associated with the process. Keep reading to find out! 


Importance of Concrete Grinding 


Your floors must be smooth before installing tile or floorboards so that your floors don’t look uneven. To ensure that your new flooring lasts longer, ensuring the smoothness of floors before installation is the best way to go about it.  

Regardless of what time of flooring you are planning to install, concrete grinding is a must before going ahead.  

If you prefer polished floors, you will need the surface and texture to be smooth before applying the polish. 

If you don’t smoothen the floors, it can greatly add to your costs to fix problems associated with installing flooring on uneven surfaces.  


You will need to invest in additional labor and material for corrective measures.  

Benefits of Concrete Grinding 


  1. Restoration of Concrete Surface 

By removing all the unevenness and imperfections of your floor, the process of concrete grinding will help restore your surface to its glorious form.  

Your flooring will no longer be unstable and cracked and give anyone who visits an excellent first impression.  


  1. Smooth Surfaces Ensure Safety 

A round and uneven surface can be unsafe to walk for homeowners and visitors as there is maybe a risk of injury due to the nature of the surface.  

This risk is more common for driveways that are often cracked and uneven! So, concrete grinding helps provide a smooth and safe surface for everyone to walk on, especially for children to play.  


  1. Environmental Friendly 

Concrete grinding is relatively safer for the environment as no harmful chemicals are used in the process, and it requires few raw materials.  

Since the results of concrete grinding are long-lasting, it is also a sustainable option for home and business owners.  

  1. Pocket and Time-Friendly Option  

The concrete grinding process is not a very long one, and you’ll get smooth surfaces in no time. Besides being quick, this process is also easy on your wallets.  

It is far less costly than installing flooring on an uneven surface and then spending more money to correct the issue.  



Concrete grinding is essential for all types of flooring. So, if you want to enhance the appearance and safety of your property, choose experienced contractors like DeLeon Floor Restoration. DeLeon Restoration is a professional concrete grinding contractor with expertise in terrazzo and concrete floor restoration. Homeowners can trust them to take care of everything and do a job that exceeds your expectations.  

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