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Why Is There a Special Restoration for Terrazo

If you’re lucky enough to have terrazo floors in your home, you know it’s a special material. Terrazzo is made with marble, cement, and glass, which gives it a unique look that is both elegant and timeless. Unfortunately, terrazzo can also be quite fragile and needs to be carefully restored from time to time. We will look at why terrazzo needs special restoration care and how you can ensure your floors stay looking their best for years to come.

1. It Is Porous

One of the reasons why terrazzo needs special care is because it is porous. This means that it can absorb liquids and stains quite easily. If you spill something on your terrazzo floor, it’s important to clean it up immediately. Otherwise, the stain may become permanent.

To avoid staining your terrazo floors, you should always use coasters when placing drinks down. You should also take care not to track dirt or mud onto the floor, as this can also leave stains. If a stain does occur, you can try to remove it with a mild detergent and water. If this doesn’t work, you may need to call in a professional for help.

2. It Is Fragile

Another reason why terrazzo needs special care is that it is quite fragile. The marble and cement in the flooring can chip or crack if not treated carefully. You should always avoid dragging heavy furniture across the floor, as this can cause damage.

If a chip or crack does occur, you should try to repair it as soon as possible. This will help to prevent the damage from spreading. You can either call in a professional or try to do the repairs yourself. However, if the damage is extensive, you may need to replace the affected area entirely.

3. Because It Is an Antique

Another reason why terrazzo needs special care is that it is an antique. This means that the materials and methods used to create it are no longer used today. As a result, few people know how to restore it properly.

If you have terrazzo flooring in your home, you should be sure to take care of it. With proper care, your floors can last for many years to come. If you live in Lauderdale Lakes, FL, check out DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors for the best terrazzo restoration services.

4. It Needs to Be Sealed

One final reason terrazzo needs special care is that it needs to be sealed after a while. The material’s porous nature means that it can absorb liquids and stains quite easily. To protect your floors, you should seal them every few years.

Sealing your floors is a simple process that can be done at home. However, if you are not confident in your ability to do it yourself, you can always call in a professional. If you live in Lauderdale Lakes, FL, contact DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors for the best terrazzo restoration services. Our team of experts can help you keep your floors looking like new. Call us today to learn more.


Terrazzo flooring is beautiful and unique, but they require special care to keep them looking their best. Because they are porous, fragile, and often antique, terrazzo floors must be sealed and protected from stains and damage. If you have terrazzo flooring in your home, be sure to take care of it to last for many years to come.

Signs That It’s Time for a Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet is a source of comfort and pride for you and your family. It can also be an indicator of the health of your home. Regardless of how often you vacuum, you need to schedule expert cleaning every few months.  

Here are some signs that it’s time to book an appointment in Lauderdale Lakes, FL. 


1. Allergy Problems Are Back 

An allergy refers to the body’s increased sensitivity to otherwise harmless substances. When you start experiencing allergy symptoms, such as sneezing and coughing, your carpet is the first thing to check. Your carpet could be the breeding place for the allergens. You can eliminate the allergens by using a good cleaning product or hiring professional carpet cleaners.  


2. Your Carpet Is Stained 

If you notice that your carpet is stained, something has spilled on it and left marks. A good carpet cleaner can help you remove those stains from your carpet without damaging it. Professional cleaners will use special methods to remove spots from different kinds of fabrics without damaging them. Once they are done cleaning, they will ensure that every area where a spot used to be will be completely clean and stain-free. 


3. Your Carpet Has an Unpleasant Odor 

If your carpet has an unpleasant odor, it might mean that it has been exposed to moisture or mold. If you notice that your carpet smells bad, you should contact a professional cleaner who will find the source of the odor and remove it from the carpet. If there is mold hidden in your carpet fibers, you will have to call a professional cleaning company to ensure that the mold is completely removed from your carpet. 


4. Your Carpet Fades Over Time 

Your carpet may fade over time if exposed to sunlight for long periods or if it’s not cleaned regularly. Professional cleaners know how to treat different kinds of carpets to avoid fading and damage caused by exposure to sunlight. They will use special cleaning solutions which will remove all the dirt and stains from your carpet without damaging it in any way. 


5. You Are Moving 

Moving is stressful, especially if you are moving to a new place. Professional cleaners can help you with this task by cleaning every room in your house, including the carpets. When you move into your new house, you won’t have to worry about cleaning anything. Besides that, professional cleaners can also help you pack your belongings and unpack them in your new home. 


6. You Have Pets 

If you have pets, it is essential to keep your carpet clean. Otherwise, your pet will be able to damage your carpet fibers, which is a painful experience if you are not careful. Expert cleaners know how to clean carpets without damaging them. 


7. You Are the Victim of a Flood 

If a flood has occurred in your home and you have flooded carpets, you need to call a professional cleaner right away. The water can cause mold and mildew on carpets and completely ruin them. They know how to remove mold from carpets so that you can move back into your home without having any problems whatsoever. 



Professional cleaners are the best choice for cleaning carpets in your home. They have the experience and the tools to do a thorough job so that you will be satisfied with their work. If you have a carpet in your home that you would like to clean, reach out to a professional to help you out.