Looking for Ft. Lauderdale Floor Professionals?

At DeLeon Floor Restoration and Cleaning Contractors we understand your need for cleanliness in your business environment. Nothing will run clients away faster than a dirty office. Dirty offices, conference rooms, hallways and bathrooms say to potential and current clients, that you just do not care.

We spend, sometimes, more time at work than we do at home (outside of sleeping) and if we cannot be bothered to keep the environment around us clean and tidy, it can cause clients to assume we don’t care about them or their business, which is not the image we want to portray. If we seem to be careless about our surroundings it does not inspire confidence in our professionalism or professional abilities.

We Pick up the Slack

We know that you are busy growing your business and you need to be able to focus your efforts on that aspect. We are a Ft Lauderdale floor professionals, so we can focus on our work while keeping your place of business clean. Some of the biggest businesses in the Fort Lauderdale area trust us to keep their spaces clean. Our clients include Merrill Lynch, Hilton Hotels and University of Phoenix, just to name a few.

Our clients also include law offices, medical offices and insurance companies. Cleanliness is important to everyone, but for medical offices especially, their rooms need to be up to institutional standards. We can bring that same level of clean to you, no matter what your business.

Think of your common areas such as reception and lounges or kitchens. These areas need more attention but sometimes get less. Most workers will at least attempt to keep the area around their work space looking good, but areas that are not specifically designated to one person or a group of people often suffer. Unfortunately, these areas are often gray zones where no feels responsible since everyone uses them. It is surprising how many office workers will leave the restroom with trash on the floor or the countertops flooded. It is especially important that areas like reception are kept clean and tidy. This is your first point of contact with customers and you know what they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. You most likely would not let your receptionist come to work in shorts and a tee shirt, so why allow your reception area to appear shoddy and unkempt?

Focus on the Floors

cleaning and restoration services in Fort LauderdaleAnother, often overlooked, public area is hallways. Hallways are the highways of your office, but since you don’t have a street sweeper, let us polish your “pavement.” The hallways are not the only high traffic areas. Office floors take a beating, sometimes with people constantly on the move for a lot more than eight hours a day. No matter what type of flooring you have, regular maintenance is crucial.

Even though your floors might get vacuumed and/or mopped every night, eventually you need a deeper, more intensive cleaning. Carpets need shampooing, at minimum, once every six months and some should be done considerably more often depending on your business and amount of foot traffic. For example, restaurant carpets should be cleaned once every three months due to the amount of food and other substances tracked on and ground into the carpet. Regular carpet cleaning also extends the life of your carpets and keeps them looking better longer, again, leaving a better impression on clients.

Hard vinyl flooring, sheet or tiles, can quickly lose its shiny finish from high traffic. It is important to properly maintain this flooring to protect from excessive wear. If left unchecked, over time the vinyl will lose its protective coat and the tiles themselves suffer damage. Continued abuse will eventually find you down to the subfloor with your only option being replacement of damaged floor sections. This is costly and unsightly.

It is important to use a floor care professional trained to properly clean and maintain these types of floors. To bring the floor back to its original condition requires scrubbing away the top layer or two to remove damage and stains, then applying new finish to build the floor thickness back up. For more intensive damage the floor may require a complete strip and refinish. In this process, all of the finish is removed and replaced, saving you the time and expense of repair or replacement.

Perhaps your business has hardwood floors. These also require regular care with carefully selected cleaning products and processes to prolong the life of the finish. We are experts in caring for hardwood floors as well as trained in proper refinishing. We can quickly evaluate your hardwood floors condition and recommend the best option for restoring the beauty of the wood. A couple of options are buffing and refinishing. The process of refinishing entails sanding the floor down to the bare wood and reapplying stain and sealer or polyurethane.

Perhaps you have ceramic tile flooring in your office. Tile is an excellent choice for some businesses. It is long lasting, will not wear out and many types are stain and water resistant. Tile floors can become dull if the right cleaners are not used. In some cases, tile can develop a film from the use of the wrong cleaner. Like any high traffic floor, tile needs regular deep cleaning as well. We all know that grout can become dingy over time and needs special cleaning to restore the color and remove the stains. Since grout is porous, it absorbs spills and can be clouded with tracked in dirt and rain water.

Properly cleaning grout requires deep cleaning and scrubbing with the right equipment and cleaners. Part of our commercial services to you if you have tile floors is regular deep cleaning. We know how to keep your grout looking new.

At DeLeon, our services go above and beyond “normal” cleaning. Our professionals take pride in restoring to and keeping your commercial space in perfect condition. You can rely on us to help you put your best foot forward with clients and potential clients. Our cleaning and restoration services in Fort Lauderdale will keep you looking good.

Properly cleaning grout requires deep cleaning and scrubbing with the right equipment and cleaners. Part of our commercial services to you if you have tile floors is regular deep cleaning. We know how to keep your grout looking new.