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How to Maintain Your Concrete Floor Polishing in Fort Lauderdale After it is Finished

Concrete floors are gaining popularity as more people use them to create a post-modern look and feel. Demand is continually growing, with it rising by 6.2% every year between now and 2026. These floors are versatile, they go with anything, and they can withstand pressure up to 15 thousand pounds per square inch. 

They are the go-to floor for industrial, retail, and manufacturers who want to capture a style that goes with any design. Homes use them because of the durability, ease of installation, and coolness/heat they provide. Like other uses, they are shown to offer the flexibility that goes with different designs. 

After the floor is installed, maintenance is critical to ensure proper concrete floor polishing in Fort Lauderdale. Setting up a continuous schedule is the key to having a professional come out that knows what they are doing. It helps the floor to keeps its shine and reduces your replacement costs. 

The Frequency of Concrete Floor Polishing in Fort Lauderdale 

We advise hiring a professional that knows concrete floor refinishing to ensure you follow the regular schedule of required maintenance. 

You are busy sustaining a balance between home, work, and your personal life. The problem is that all of these different activities take away from the necessary time for concrete floor refinishing in Fort Lauderdale. The situation becomes even more complicated when you have to work overtime. The result is your floor does not get the maintenance it deserves, and long-term damage may occur. 

Dust Mopping

The best approach is to hire a professional that knows the frequency of concrete floor polishing in Fort Lauderdale to do the maintenance. They go through and perform things like dust mopping at least once to twice a week. Dust mopping removes any dirt on the floor that leaves a dull finish and takes away from the shine. Typically, industrial and commercial customers have professionals come in to perform this every day. Your home does not have as much traffic, and you can get away with it a couple of times per week. 

Auto Scrubbing

Removing spots and areas with debris by hand saves you time by not doing this tedious work. An auto scrubber is used with a soft cleaning pad to maintain the shine and pick up anything left behind from the dust mopping. The auto scrubber goes into the corners and hard to reach places that you can’t see. It provides a total cleaning and picks up dust from areas where it builds up. 


Spills are one of the most significant challenges for concrete floors; the longer they sit, the more damage they will do. You want to clean up any spills as soon as possible with water and a soft rag. A professional specializing in concrete floor refinishing in Fort Lauderdale will come out on their regular schedule and fix these spots. 

This helps the floor to maintain its shine and prevents things like food and liquids from ruining the surface of it. Their ability to deal with these issues quickly is what leads to a floor that lasts longer and enhances the value of your home. 

The Protective Coat

The final part of the concrete floor polishing in Fort Lauderdale is your trained professional applies a protective coat to it. Anytime a spill is cleaned up, there are some of the protective coatings that are missing from the rest of the floor. Not dealing with these issues leaves spots that make the floor lose its shine and appear dull. 

The polishing adds a protective coat that interacts with the surface and fills in parts where it is missing. After the process is finished, the professionals take a buffer and attach a polishing pad to it. They go across the entire floor to give it a shine that reflects at you. 

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