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Here’s How You Can Handle Construction Cleanup Until It’s Time to Call the Experts at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning

Construction creates a mess on the property. Even with the contractors being careful it is just a matter of time until there are dust and debris everywhere. After the work is finished it is important to do a complete cleaning, otherwise, the appearance and value of the property are decreased by not making look its best. This is why a total cleanup after construction is necessary to bring out the property’s true potential. 

Professional construction cleanup in Ft. Lauderdale involves using techniques that most people overlook. Not everyone will have the skill or experience it takes to clean up after construction and many construction sites can be left in chaos, even after hiring help. 

Here at DeLeon Floor Restoration and Cleaning we have years of experience in commercial projects and can help even the largest construction site get back to tip-top shape. With that in mind, here are a few ways to stay on top of your construction site until you’re ready to call the experts here at DeLeon Floor Restoration and Cleaning.



The first step is to get the area dust free. This means closing off all vents, sealing those rooms not covered with plastic, and covering the HVAC system. Next,  you’ll need to start from the furthest area (facing the outside) and work everything out the door. Use a bristle or soft-style broom to sweep up as much as possible. This includes cleaning the walls and ceiling to get all loose debris. 


Post Construction Dust

Dust is one of the biggest parts of construction cleanup in Ft. Lauderdale. There are three types of dust to include plaster, fine, and brick/mortar. Plaster (drywall) dust can be cleaned using a vinegar-water solution with a dry rag. The basic idea is to lightly dampen the surface and dry it with the cloth. As the solution becomes cloudy, it must be changed to keep everything clean. Brick and mortar dust is challenging. The first step is to use a vacuum to pick up all loose particles. Then, use a damp cloth and a bucket to pick up the remaining particles.  


Spackle Removal

Spackle is used to cover the cracks, defects, and holes in the drywall, and wood. Removing excess spackle left after construction can be challenging if there’s a lot of it. However, if there’s a small amount here and there, you can use a damp sponge or rag and a bucket of water. The basic idea is to use the cloth to gently remove the whitish appearance in a series of passes until it is gone. For tile, the means continually wiping it down to the point there are no more spots or residue left from the spackle. 


Carpet Cleaning

Post-construction carpet cleaning requires complete vacuuming at the bare minimum. This means going over all areas to get any loose dust and debris. Dried spackle and clumps of dust can quickly turn into damaging elements for carpet throughout your home. Not to mention the dangerous debris that can be nestled between the fibers. You’ll want to prioritize having this done by a professional as soon as possible.


Contact The Professionals to Make Sure it’s Done Right!

Construction cleanup requires knowledge and expertise. Though there are basic tasks and clean-up procedures you can complete on your own, you’ll want a trained expert to do the final clean-up. This is necessary to get all of the debris and dust and ensure your construction site is safe. If you are planning a construction project, or in the middle of one give us a call today! Our team of cleaning experts is here to make sure your construction site is safe during and after your work is done!