Fort Lauderdale Janitorial Services

When it comes to looking for the right floor specialists in Fort Lauderdale it is imperative to find the company that provides the best quality service. Here at De Leon Restoration & Cleaning we are greatly known for our expert cleaning, restoring, janitorial service, and construction cleaning. In fact we provide our Fort Lauderdale janitorial services to various customers within the area we are located. These clients include medical facilities, manufacturing companies, schools, child day care facilities, offices, and warehouses. Our regular customers include the University of Miami, The Hilton, The Marriott, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, The University of Phoenix, and several other companies.

Most importantly we understand how different companies need different janitorial floor cleaning in Ft Lauderdale. We are able to give you custom services to meet all your needs for your business and building no matter the size of the job. We make sure to have our associates and team members use the most current cleaning methods and products to give you high quality service. Our staff is highly trained to use the greenest, newest, and safest products to keep your business ahead of your competitors.

De Leon Restoration and Cleaning Services

Ft Lauderdale floor restoration and cleaningFt Lauderdale floor restoration and cleaning is more than just wiping up dirt and bacteria. We provide floor restoration that Fort Lauderdale clients love. This includes making the floors of your business look brand new on the surface while we improve its quality and ensure that it lasts longer. Each type of floor requires different cleaning methods for cleaning, maintenance methods, and polishing. In fact, we use traditional methods of cleaning but we have added a combination of our own detailing cleaning methods with highly developed cleaning equipment and tools. Our regular janitorial services include mopping, vacuuming, polishing, scrubbing, restoring, grinding, and much more.

We are a very dedicated company to our clients’ satisfaction and the quality of service we provide to them and hopefully to you too. If you have have poor experiences or experiences with current or previous cleaning service providers that were average quality then we believe it’s time for you to find a better company. De Leon Restoration and Cleaning will be the best service provider for your needs. We will give you results that will exceed your expectations and an experience that will be ultimately unforgettable. We promise that we are a company that you can depend on and trust to keep your business looking at its best or even better than its best.

Your business will have the best floors because we restore them back to when they were brand new, even if you personally have never seen them that spotless and vibrant looking. Restoring your floors will save you money in the long run because you wont have to purchase new floors and then hire maintenance to install it. We can make your floors very elegant and expensive looking without the extreme cost installing new floors would come with. Our products and cleaning tactics improve the life and appearance of hardwood floors, marble, and tile.

The De Leon Company is eager and excited to make your gym, business, office, or other facility have an amazing experience with commercial cleaning. We will help you with anything you need done. If you need custom cleaning, we can help you create the best cleaning plan. All of our products are safe and up to date as well as very eco friendly. Our customer service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We are a company that is insured and bonded and the best part is that if you feel that we don’t clean your floors right the first time we visit, we will come back and clean it again free of charge. Contact us today for more information.