Floor Restoration and Cleaning in Ft Lauderdale

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is cliché but, it is the first impression of your office, facility, building, or workspace in Ft Lauderdale. When your customers walk-in and see your polished floors, they will not be able to tell if your floor is brand new or simply maintained and well-kept. Consequently, a clean work environment illustrates a sharp impression for your company. This reflects upon the business owner and his/her employees. And you want to look sharp, maintained, and professional. This is where we come in to help.

Deleon’s Floor Restoration and Cleaning services is a professionally owned business with the concept of value to our customer[s]. We take big or small jobs. It is what drives this company to continually succeed in our profession. The De Leon Floor Restoration & Cleaning company is a leading commercial company in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. We deliver the De Leon Cleaning System Program to our customer[s], which helps improve the cleanliness and well-being of our customer’s work environment, as well as the company’s (and your clients) overall health.

Quality Floor Cleaning Ft Lauderdale for your Business Needs

The benefits of DeLeon’s Floor Restoration and Cleaning services are the professional methods our customers receive. By maintaining your tile, wood or marble floors, we can safely say that your floors will look polished and well-maintained. Rather it is periodically, or on a scheduled contract basis. We can restore your old floors by periodically servicing your floors, professionally, or on a routine schedule.

Custom methods we have used for years have proven our professionalism when it comes to commercial floor restoration in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Having us as a routine, schedule in the long run will save your company time, money, and work rather than purchasing a new floor every so often.

By providing services well above other floor and cleaning competitors, we challenge you to give us a try. Naturally, we will need a few details about your building or facility’s floors, your specific needs, so our floor professionals can fulfill your requests

Remember, THE DE LEON CLEANING SYSTEM Program is open 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week in the Fort Lauderdale area. We take pride on our methods in order to satisfy our customers’ expectations to the fullest so as to maintain a long-lasting relationship. Juan De Leon, President of De Leon’s Restoration states, "You, our customer[s] [are] are our number one priority…”

The Finest Janitorial Services in Fort Lauderdale

It’s this simple: price is affordable, and results are excellent. And so, we do not stop there, we perform regular janitorial work for the following: Vacuuming, Mopping, Scrubbing, Polishing, Grinding, Restoring, and more. In addition to Floors, walls, pressure cleaning, lights, carpets…is another professional service we do for our clients at a low cost. As a matter of fact, some of the companies we have routine maintenance with are the University of Miami, The Hilton, the Bank of America and many others.

The De Leon Difference is simple. Let us accommodate your business 24/7 so as not to interfere with your company’s work schedule.

Finally, besides always on budget, seniors 10% discount to and we are also offering an online coupon to customers for 10% off or tell us about this coupon when contacting us for our services. We take pride on our methods in order to satisfy our customers’ expectations to the fullest so as to maintain a long-lasting relationship.

CONTACT If you would like to schedule a routine schedule with De Leon Floor Restoration & Cleaning services, simply contact us and we will give you a free estimate: (954) 545-0455. Located at 2701 NW 29 Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311, we will take care of you!