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Let Us Transform Your Floors

It all starts with what you want. When you think about what you need in your commercial cleaning company, does your current company meet those expectations? At Fort Lauderdale’s De Leon Floor Restoration and Cleaning Contractors we care about the work we do and you can tell the difference. Whether its your office, gym, business or any other facility, we go the extra mile to give you the best cleaning and restoration in Fort Lauderdale. Once you know what you want, De Leon Floor Restoration and Cleaning Contractors will make sure your expectations are met.

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The De Leon Cleaning System Program

De Leon Floor Restoration and Cleaning Contractors is the Ft Lauderdale cleaning company with a plan. Once you come to us with what you would like in your cleaning company, we implement our De Leon Cleaning System Program. What is the De Leon Cleaning System Program? First, we customize a cleaning plan, specifically engineered to meet your needs and your budget. Then we make sure that our Ft. Lauderdale floor professionals provide you with a healthy clean that will help reduces your exposure to germs and offensive odors. We are prepared to meet any special services with our precise cleaning methods for all of your carpets, tiles or specific flooring needs. Finally, our plan is carried out by only the best staff Ft. Lauderdale floor professionals. All of our De Leon employees are fully bonded and insured, so you can rest assured that your custom plan will be carried out by only the most qualified staff.

We want you to have the plan that meets your expectations and that is included in our competitive prices. Just because we go the extra mile doesn’t mean you have to spend a pretty penny. We investigate industry standards and share them with you so you can see for yourself how we determined our prices. You get the best price, cleaning and restoration in Fort Lauderdale, not to mention 24/7 support. No matter where or when you have a question you can use our unlimited customer service over the phone, online or onsite.

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The De Leon Guarantee

Finally, our De Leon Clean System Program is backed by our De Leon Guarantee.

We have created a custom cleaning plan to meet the expectations you have laid out. If, at any point you feel as though we have not followed through with our commitment to the best of our ability, we will do the job again, free of charge. We guarantee the product you receive is the best cleaning and restoration in Ft. Lauderdale and we are happy to prove it.

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The proof is in the pudding. We at De Leon Floor Restoration and Cleaning Contractors have made a name for ourselves as a premier Fort Lauderdale Cleaning Company, as you can tell by our growing set of customers from hospitals to schools. You have probably seen us at the University of Miami, admired our work at the Marriott and the Hilton, or heard about us at the Bank of America. We understand that each company has its own needs and so through our custom cleaning plans, we are able to meet all their needs with only the most innovative cleaning methods in Fort Lauderdale.

We want your company to stay ahead of your competition. We can help with our up-to-date cleaning methods and green alternatives that keep your company healthy and environmentally conscious.

When you begin looking for a new Ft Lauderdale cleaning and restoration, think about what you really want. Then let us meet your expectations and beyond with our custom cleaning plan, competitive pricing, 24/7 customer service and De Leon guarantee. Let us transform your floors.