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How to Repair and Refinish Your Floors for a Fresh New Look

It’s no secret that floors add a lot of value and beauty to your home. Over time, however, floors can start to show signs of wear and tear. If you’re looking for a way to revitalize the look of your floors, then you should consider giving them a repair and refinishing. With the right techniques, you can give your floors a fresh new look that will last for years.

What Are the Benefits of Refinishing Floors?

Refinishing your floors can have several benefits. First, it can help to protect your floors from further damage. Refinished floors are much more resistant to scratches, dents, and other forms of wear and tear. As a result, they tend to last much longer than their non-refinished counterparts.

In addition to protecting your floors, refinishing can also help to give them a fresh, new look. Refinishing can help to restore the original color and luster of your floors, making them look like they’re brand new. This can be a great way to give your home a facelift without having to invest in expensive new floors.

How to Refinish Your Floors

Refinishing your floors isn’t as difficult as it may seem. The first step is to prep your floors for refinishing. This includes cleaning and sanding the surface of the floor to remove any dirt, debris, and stains. Once the floor is prepped, you’ll need to apply a primer to the surface. This will help to ensure that the new finish will adhere properly and last for a long time.

Once the primer has dried, you’ll need to apply the finish to the floor. This can be done with a brush, roller, or spray. Depending on the type of finish you choose, the application process may vary. Once the finish has been applied, you’ll need to allow it to dry before walking on it.

Other Repair Options

In addition to refinishing, there are other repair options you can consider for your floors. For instance, if you have minor damage, such as small scratches or dents, you can try to repair them yourself with a wood filler. This is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to repair minor damage and restore the look of your floors.

If you have larger damage to your floors, such as deep gouges or water damage, then you may need to consider replacing the affected areas. This can be a more costly repair, but it can also be a good way to ensure that your floors look as good as new.

Hire a Professional

If you’re not confident in your ability to repair and refinish your floors yourself, then you may want to consider hiring a professional. A professional flooring contractor will have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that your floors are repaired and refinished correctly. They’ll also be able to provide you with advice on the best materials and techniques to use for your particular floors.


Giving your floors a fresh new look can be easy and cost-effective with the right repair and refinishing techniques. Whether you decide to tackle the job yourself or hire a professional, you’ll be able to restore the beauty of your floors and make them look like new. With the right care and maintenance, your floors can last for years to come.

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Making Your Concrete Floors Look New Again

Concrete floors are durable and easy to maintain, but they can look worn down over time. It’s important to keep your concrete floors looking their best to continue to serve their purpose and last for many years. If your concrete floors could use a makeover, there are a few things you can do to make them look new again.


Thoroughly Clean the Floors

The first step to making your concrete floors look new is to clean them thoroughly. You can use a power washer or rent a commercial floor scrubber to make the job easier. Be sure to remove all dirt, dust, and debris from the floors, so they’re completely clean.


When cleaning concrete floors in South Florida, it’s important to use the right cleaners and cleaning solutions. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners that are too abrasive, as these can damage the floors. If you’re not sure what cleaners to use, ask a professional for recommendations.


Repair Any Damage

Once the floors are clean, take a close look at them to see if there is any damage that needs to be repaired. Cracks, chips, and other types of damage can make your floors look old and worn. If the damage is extensive, you may need to do concrete floor refinishing in addition to the concrete floor repair to restore the floors.


In most cases, you should hire a professional to carry out concrete floor repair. They will use concrete repair kits to repair the damage. These kits are available at most home improvement stores and can be used to fill in cracks and chips.


Apply a New Coat of Paint

If your concrete floors are looking dull, you may need to apply a new coat of paint. This is a simple way to brighten up the floors and make them look new again. When choosing paint for your concrete floors, be sure to select a product that is specifically designed for concrete.


You may also want to consider having your concrete floors stained instead of painted. This can give the floors a unique and attractive appearance.


Install New Flooring

If your concrete floors are in bad shape, you may want to consider installing new flooring over them. This is a more extensive and expensive option, but it can completely transform the look of your floors. But, concrete floor refinishing is an option to explore as well.


There are a variety of flooring materials that can be installed over concrete, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Be sure to work with a professional to have the new flooring installed properly.


Resurface the Floors

If your concrete floors are starting to show signs of wear, you may want to consider resurfacing them. This is a more involved process than painting or staining, but it can make your floors look new again.


When resurfacing concrete floors, a thin layer of material is applied over the existing flooring. This can be done to repair damage or to change the appearance of the floors.


Add Decorative Elements

Another way to make your concrete floors look new is to add decorative elements. This could include adding a border around the perimeter of the room or inlaying a design into the floor.


Decorative elements can be added to both interior and exterior concrete floors. If you’re not sure how to add these elements, hire a professional to do it for you.


Make Your Concrete Floors Look New Again

Making your concrete floors look new again is easy with the right cleaners, repair products, and paint. With a little elbow grease, you can have your floors looking like new in no time. DeLeon Floor Restoration in South Florida is a professional flooring company that specializes in concrete floors. We can help you repair and resurface your concrete floors to give them a new lease on life. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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How to Clean Grout or How to Remove Old Grout

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen or bathroom? If so, you probably want to know how to remove the old sealant and put a new one. Grout is a thin material used between tiles on the floor and brickwork, among other things. It’s typically made from cement, sand, and water with a coloring agent. You have three options for easy removal of old sealant from your surfaces. 

  • Use a chemical-based product
  • Take the DIY route by using sandpaper or abrasive materials
  • Hire professionals for the job (although this will be expensive)

Here is how to clean or remove old sealants.  


1. Removing Sealant Manually by Using a Chemical Product 

Use a sealant cleaning chemical to remove grime and dirt from your floor surfaces. There are a lot of sealant cleaners on the market, but it’s important to get one with the right ingredients to ensure they remove and not damage your porous stone floor surfaces.  

How can you tell which product to buy? Look for a product that lists anti-microbial agents such as bleach or chlorine. These ingredients will kill bacteria and help prevent hard-to-remove stains. Also, avoid products with oil-based ingredients. Oil will make stains harder to remove from your flooring. 


2. DIY Removal of Old Sealant 

Did you know that you can use sandpaper for more than just polishing wood and metal surfaces? Although it’s best to use a grinding wheel, sandpaper will also do it. Suppose there is only a small amount of sealant to remove. Start by brushing out any excess residue and dirt. Use a stiff brush if necessary. Sandpaper is best for this job. Use a kinetic polisher if you want to tackle the job faster and are willing to spend more money on special equipment. 

Other tools you can use to remove old sealants are an angle grinder and a rotary tool. Just like sandpaper, these will work best in small areas. If you decide to use either of these tools, wear protective equipment such as masks and gloves. This will help prevent exposure to harmful chemicals in the old sealant. 


3. Hiring a Professional 

If the above methods fail to remove old sealants from your floor surfaces, it is time to hire a professional. However, this will not be cheap, and you’ll need to budget for the cost of new flooring. The job will take some time and may require a complete restoration of your floor surfaces.  

When the professionals arrive at your home, they will immediately spray the sealant cleaning product onto the floor. This will force the product into your fiberglass backing sheets made from asphalt. Next, a scrubbing tool removes any residue from the tile surfaces. While this is going on, a sanding tool is used to remove any remaining residue from the floor. When the job is completed, the new sealant will be placed in its place.  



Removing old sealants from your floor can be a task that takes time. There are several methods of removing old sealants, but you will want to avoid damaging your porous stone floors. Also, it’s essential to work with a professional for the job. This is the only way to ensure that your flooring surfaces are properly restored. Our professionals at Lauderdale Lakes, FL, can help if you need new sealant installed at your home or office.

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5 Signs That Your Residential or Commercial Flooring Needs Restoration

Flooring is an important part of your house or business premises. It adds value to your property and gives your home a unique look. The problem is that the finish on your floor starts looking dull and worn out over time. This makes it necessary to replace or refinish your floor. 

Refinishing is a great way to bring back the floor’s original shine. There are several ways to go about it, depending on your budget and preferences. Here are five signs that it’s time for professional floor repair. 

1. Fading Floor Color 

One of the first things people notice when entering a room with a faded carpet or floor color is the difference between light and dark colors. These differences can create visual unease for others, especially if your walls and furniture are painted in shades close to the floor’s color. 

Once you notice that your floor color has started fading, it’s time you call in professionals for quality residential or commercial floor repair. This will ensure that the process goes smoothly without any problems. 

2. Cracks and Chips 

If you have cracks in your flooring or chips all over it, you need to get those fixed right away before you start noticing more damage. Over time, these flaws can turn into bigger issues like water damage and mold growth. You don’t want to deal with such consequences later on. 

3. Water Damage 

Water damage from floods, leaks, or plumbing failures can leave marks on your floor. Sometimes, as the water gets absorbed by the concrete surface, it leaves behind stains. The stains may range in size and depth. They ruin the appearance of your floor and make walking uncomfortable. 

To fix these stains, you can use different types of products available in the market. However, professional floor cleaning is always recommended to remove stubborn markings effectively. 

4. Uneven Flooring  

The unevenness that creeps up on your floor could lead to serious injuries. It causes pain and discomfort while walking around and increases the risk of falling. This requires immediate attention. If you see spots of unevenness on your floor, hire a floor repair specialist immediately. 

5. Poor Quality Finish 

Over time, wear and tear cause the finish on your floor to fade and peel off. This makes it lose its luster and charm. Many business owners end up replacing their finished floors, which often leads to a huge financial burden. So, if you notice any peeling finish, be sure to contact a professional to see if commercial floor cleaning or refinishing can save you the inconvenience and expense of a complete floor replacement. 


In addition to the signs mentioned above, there are many other reasons why your floor might need restoration. For instance, natural elements like sun rays, cold winds, and dust can cause the surface to become dirty and damaged over time. Sometimes, certain chemicals used during construction affect the finish and quality. 

Call us at DeLeon Floor Restoration today to schedule an appointment and let our experts help you choose the best commercial floor cleaning and flooring solution. We proudly serve both residential and commercial customers. 

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Terrazzo Flooring Making a Come Back in Fort Lauderdale Homes and Businesses

Terrazzo flooring was first created 500 years ago by Venetian builders. It was popular throughout South Florida for some time and eventually faded out with the increase of carpet and other flooring options throughout time. However, many people are now starting to rip up their carpet to discover the beautiful terrazzo flooring that was installed years ago. Because the original flooring had been covered up and modified to accommodate carpeting, many of it is need of restoration.

Homeowners and business owners are finding that it is common to find your terrazzo flooring with glue, holes, and other fasteners used to keep the carpet in place. This is where we come in! It may seem like a good idea to remove these things on your own, but the truth is, terrazzo flooring is a delicate job that requires the attention and work of experts!

To help you restore your terrazzo to its original state, we use a 10-step process that includes the grinding, polishing, and buffing of your floors. This helps us make sure that any indication of carpet or other flooring is removed and you’re left with a beautiful terrazzo floor in your home or business. Not only does this method save you both the time and stress of having to do this yourself, but it gives you the reassurance you need to know that your floor was restored by experts. Furthermore, you also have the peace of knowing that after we’ve restored your floor, we also have the expertise to maintain them to make sure they continue to look their best.

Here at DeLeon Restoration, we offer professional terrazzo floor restoration and cleaning for both homes and businesses throughout Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on customer service, and we will work closely with you to establish a budget, a project timeline, and maintenance requirements.

If you are looking for a team of professionals who can restore your terrazzo flooring to its original state, give us a call at (954) 947-3114 to see how we can help you. We know how important your office, business, and home are to you and we want to make sure you receive the service you deserve at prices you can afford, feel free to call us at any time, we’re open 24/7!

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Quality Concrete Floor Refinishing Services in Fort Lauderdale

Are you a business or homeowner with concrete flooring? Have you noticed that your concrete is beginning to look dull and not as new as it did when you first got it? This is common with all things and concrete flooring is no exception. Though concrete flooring is one of the more simple types of flooring in terms of appearance it does require daily maintenance. Here at DeLeon Restoration and Cleaning our team of experts knows exactly how to keep your concrete looking brand new!

We’ve been in business for over 3 decades and we’ve served over 200 people, including businesses and homeowners. With that in mind, it’s safe to say we’re experts in the flooring and refinishing business. Our team of professionals has been spent years perfecting our craft and we know what it takes to give your concrete flooring the attention and care it needs to last you a long time. We’ve developed a 10-step process that not only ensures your concrete flooring looks good but that it’s protected moving forward.

When you need a concrete restoration company to help you maintain and protect your investment you want to make sure it’s done right. Here at DeLeon Floor Restoration and Cleaning, we offer concrete floor repair, grinding, polishing and staining services for both residential and commercial customers throughout Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the greater South Florida area. We offer over 50 different colored stains for concrete and deliver cut out samples to our customers to review before deciding on a color.

Whether you’re considering refinishing your driveway, home, business, or another area, we have the knowledge and the resources it takes to get the results you want. Not only that, but we pride ourselves on customer services and we strive to bring you quality work at prices you can afford. We are available 24 hours out of the day, 7 days a week and we encourage you to call us at (954) 947-3114 with any questions you may have.

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What are the Benefits of Concrete Resealing in Fort Lauderdale?

When it comes to concrete resealing in Fort Lauderdale, it is important to find a company that offers quality and commitment. At Deleon Floor restoration and Cleaning Contractors, we can easily turn dull and scuffed concrete into a beautiful new floor. When your floor is sealed, you can be sure to have a concrete floor that lasts for years to come. A few benefits of sealed and finished concrete floors include the following.

  • Concrete is already a durable flooring option. However, sealing the floor is great for increasing its durability and longevity.
  • Staying up to date on concrete flooring is a great way to improve the appearance of your flooring. Not to mention, increase the value of the building the sealed concrete is in.
  • The time and effort it takes to keep your floor in order is a simple and easy process. There is no excuse for passing up maintenance.
  •  You receive protection from any oil spills or other stains. This keeps your concrete looking nice for longer and avoids spalling, flaking, and cracking.
  • Resealing your concrete also protects against mold and mildew.

Concrete resealing in Fort Lauderdale is a great idea for anyone who wants to improve the appearance and functionality of their space. By paying attention to the minor details of your flooring, your clients or guests will appreciate your dedication to details. Not to mention, when you choose Deleon, you will be guaranteed to receive the best service without having to worry about it yourself.

For any of your cleaning, polishing, and refinishing services, we provide free consultations and service you won’t find anywhere else. If you were interested in receiving the best concrete resealing in Fort Lauderdale, call our experts at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors!

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Completed Your Project? Now it’s Time for Construction Cleanup in Fort Lauderdale!

Construction projects can yield wonderful results for businesses, but they can also bring considerable dirt and debris. At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we offer the best professional construction cleanup in Fort Lauderdale! If your project has wrapped up, it’s time to call in our cleanup experts at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors. We can get everything clean as a whistle in no time!

Why should I call professionals for my construction cleanup in Fort Lauderdale?

Many people try to go the DIY route with their construction cleanup, only to find that the job is much more challenging than they may have suspected. At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we know that construction cleanup in Fort Lauderdale can be exhausting and even dangerous.

To properly remove all the dust, grime and debris created by construction projects of any size, you often have to scale high ladders and put in tons of elbow grease. At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we’re happy to do the hard work of construction cleanup for you! Best yet, our professionals will have your business looking good as new.

Every construction cleanup job is unique, each construction project creates debris and grime that require specific cleaning strategies and steps. At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we use the latest technologies and techniques to fully clean your property. Some important steps include:

  • Floor Polishing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Glass Polishing
  • Carpet Deep Cleaning
  • Baseboard Cleaning
  • & Much More!

When you count on our professionals at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors for your construction cleanup in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll enjoy the most detailed cleanup services. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to your construction cleanup needs. We’ll work our hardest to get everything back to normal following the completion of your construction project.

How can I get started?

Rather than spending all your time cleaning your business following construction completion, let our experts at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors do the dirty work for you! We offer the very best services and dedication to construction cleanup in Fort Lauderdale. Projects big and small, we clean them all! Getting started is easy. Simply call our DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors cleanup experts at (954) 947-3114.

Carpet Cleaner Service

Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning is Essential in Fort Lauderdale

When you want to clean your carpet, it is important to call in the professionals. At Deleon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, it’s our goal to make your carpet look good as new once we are finished with it. Commercial carpet cleaning in Fort Lauderdale is an essential when you want to keep a clean floor. There are many different stains and odors that seem to be impossible to get out on your own. However, our experts and double process cleaning techniques can remove the toughest stains and odors in a flash, like:

  • Red wine
  • Fruit juices
  • Food stains
  • Cat urine
  • Blood
  • Oils
  • Water damage
  • Milk

Our professional grade cleaning techniques are not only unbelievably efficient, but they are also reasonably priced. Whether you need cleaning for your residential or commercial carpet, we can assist you in cleaning regardless of the condition. Most commercial carpet cleaning processes in Fort Lauderdale only involve steam cleaning. At Deleon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we take it a step further and scrub stains to remove them prior to the steam cleaning.

When other contractors steam clean first, they are setting the stain or odors in deeper with the heat. Loosening up the stains and odor with our defoamer and deodorizer helps the cleaning process ten-fold! The soap used in our commercial grade machines also add to the overall clean you will experience. In Fort Lauderdale, there are many factors that require commercial carpet cleaning. Everyone wants to walk into their home or business without a foul stench or any ugly stains.

You will be confident when inviting company into your home or business, and you can proudly tell them that Deleon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors provided you with excellent commercial carpet cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. If you haven’t already, contact us at (954) 947-3114 to schedule your commercial carpet cleaning in Fort Lauderdale today!

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How Long Does Terrazzo Restoration Take?

At Deleon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we specialize in terrazzo restoration for jobs big and small. We have had the pleasure of working with over 200 projects both residential and commercial in the South Florida region. We have stuck with the same 10 step process that leaves every floor glistening just as the one before. With our reliable method of stain removal and repairs, we can make your terrazzo floors shine with its original radiance.

Many people ask us, “How long does terrazzo restoration take?” The easiest answer to that question is, it varies. There is not a general time it takes to restore every terrazzo floor we encounter. Depending on the condition and the size of each floor, the time frame differs per the situation. While we try to restore terrazzo in a reasonable time, rushing the process is where many contractors find their issues.

When you rush terrazzo restoration, the floor lacks the luster a full restoration process results in. The terrazzo floor also gets dirtier faster and leaves you needing another restoration in no time. When being careful and truly caring for your terrazzo floors, you will see the difference between a quality terrazzo restoration and a rushed one.

Don’t let an average contractor ruin your terrazzo floor. At Deleon Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we believe in keeping classic terrazzo floors in their true condition. Many contractors will add a wax on top of your floors which only cause a dirty appearance in the higher traffic areas. The true terrazzo that lies under all the nasty wax and dirt has potential if you let it shine!

By treating your terrazzo floors with respect and patience, you will see why terrazzo has been around for more than 70 years. When we restore terrazzo floors, we use science to perfect an art form. If you are interested in our terrazzo cleaning options, please contact us today. After a consultation about the condition of your terrazzo, we can give you a realistic quote for price and time! Our number is (954) 947-3114 and we are eager to help you see the full potential of your terrazzo floors.