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Carpet Tiles Vs. Rolled Carpet – Which Is Best For Your Commercial Space?

For a personalized indoor commercial space, carpeting is one of the best forms of flooring in terms of convenience and maintenance. 

A marble or vinyl floor is prone to scratches due to the constant movement of office chairs and office staff, for that matter. A carpeted floor, however, is easier and more affordable to maintain. 

When deciding on carpet installation for commercial flooring, one has two options: Rolled Carpet or Carpet tiles. 

Though both carpeting options come in various textures and designs, offering you a soft surface for everyday hustle bustle in a commercial space, how to identify which one is the best option for your space? 

Keep reading to know which one is the better choice:  

Carpet Tiles Vs. Rolled Carpet 

While both forms of carpet serve the same purpose, there are a few differences that you must know before weighing down as to which is a better option for your commercial space. 

Rolled Carpets 

Also known as broadloom carpets, rolled carpets are created in long, wide rolls to cover the floor from wall to wall. They are manufactured in various sizes, designs, textures, and colors, giving you a broader range of choices as per your taste.   

This one-piece carpet is either directly installed over the subfloor or pasted on the substrate surface. 

Carpet Tiles 

As the name suggests, carpet tiles are smaller square pieces of the large wall-to-wall carpet rolls. These modular pieces can be fragmented into various sizes and shapes per the flooring need. They are conveniently pasted over the floor wherever needed. 

Big Question: Which one is better? 

Before we conclude which one is the better option, let’s compare each of them to know which option suits your needs. 

1. Easy Installation 

Rolled carpets are installed over a floor substrate and need proper adhesion for a seamless look. Proper measurement is required to place a one-piece carpet for a designated space. One has to be very careful with the installation for uniform pasting. 

While carpet tiles are relatively quicker and easier to install, there’s little or no cutting or sizing required, and they can be easily lifted or shifted as per the need. 

2. Cost-Effectiveness 

Rolled carpets come in large pieces and require proper adhesive application and substrate floor, making the installation much more costly. Carpet wasted due to sizing and professional help for installation also adds to the expenditure. 

Carpet Tiles are relatively less expensive when bought, and their easier application saves on the installation charges. 

3. Appearance 

Rolled carpets give a finished seamless look. They will add the “wow” factor to your working space as they come in great designs and textures. 

Carpet tiles, when properly installed, also give the same effect as one-piece rolled carpet. Unlike rolled carpets, you have the advantage of design flexibility with carpet tiles. With newer technologies, carpet tiles can be dyed and cut into various shapes, styles, and textures, making them a more versatile option in carpeting. 

4. Maintenance 

When it comes to maintenance, rolled carpets can be quite challenging to clean and replace when worn out. The large one-piece carpet needs regular vacuuming and should be handled with care as it cannot be replaced now and then. 

In contrast, carpet tiles have the advantage of easy maintenance. Being smaller and easily replaceable, carpet tiles are not heavy on the pocket as they are readily replaced in case of wear and tear, rather than replacing an entire floor. 

5. Ambiance 

If you want to create a luxurious ambiance with a flawless finished look, rolled carpet is your best option. It offers warmth and comfort that is unmatchable. The extra plush backing with a tactile underfoot sensation is impeccable with wall-to-wall carpets. 

However, carpet tiles are great for more modern and compact spaces. With their easier maintenance and health benefits, they offer some incredible designs and patterns you can create as per your choice. With the option of mixing and matching, carpet tiles are preferable for modern spaces. 

Commercial Flooring in South Florida 

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Why Your Office Should Always Maintain Clean Carpets

There are several reasons small business owners should consider commercial carpet cleaning vs DIY. While appearance should always be a consideration, don’t neglect the importance of creating a safe environment for your employees and customers. Carpets that are poorly maintained can be detrimental to one’s health. As a result, these services are critical to the success of your business and to increase the productivity of your employees. In this article, we will discuss the other advantages of hiring a company for professional carpet cleaning. When you need a team to handle the job in Lauderdale Lakes and the surrounding areas, look no further than DeLeon Restoration. We are known for our expertise in areas of floor care and commercial cleaning services.

Fewer Employee Absences

You can’t control employee absences due to the cold and flu season, but you can decrease the number of illness-related work absences. These account for millions of absences annually and are caused by an unhygienic work environment. It is a well-known fact that poorly maintained carpets carry harmful germs, but they also hide mold, dust, particle pollution, and dirt that can affect the health of your employees. Let us not forget that a filthy carpet can pollute the air, significantly decreasing air quality in the office. As a result, one significant way to ensure your office is safe and hygienic is to have your carpets routinely cleaned by a team of professionals.

Carpet Longevity

If your carpet is poorly maintained, this wear will eventually force you to have it replaced. When a carpet is dirty, it holds particles that can quickly damage the material over time. As you may know, carpeting doesn’t come cheap, particularly if it’s high-quality. The best way to protect your investment is by hiring professional cleaners who understand the right cleaning techniques and measures to prevent wear and tear. At DeLeon Restoration, we utilize innovative cleaning methods with the most up-to-date products to ensure you receive quality work. We stay ahead of our competition by using only the newest, greenest procedures.

Better Work Environment

No employee wants to go to work in an unhygienic work environment. This can significantly decrease morale. Your customers and employees both prefer a clean environment. It’s more welcoming. Appearance matters, especially when it comes to commercial properties that often rely on in-person interactions with their customers. Additionally, a clean environment can increase the productivity of your employees. Think about it: nobody wants to work in a filthy environment or for an employer who doesn’t care enough to have their carpets properly cleaned.

Regular cleaning will help create a better work environment. When we say “cleaning,” we don’t mean purchasing or renting handheld equipment, as this will not effectively maintain your carpet. We recommend professional services with top-of-the-line equipment to ensure a safe, healthy environment for your employees and customers.

You Save Money

Some individuals take the “affordable” route and purchase carpet cleaning equipment instead of hiring professionals. However, because the equipment and chemicals for carpet cleaning are generally difficult to understand and use, they end up wasting their money, either by not properly cleaning, damaging their carpet, or other means. It is also important to reiterate that clean carpets increase work productivity and decrease employee absences. Additionally, if you expect customers to come into your office to do business, they are more likely to stick around if the carpet (and overall environment) is clean and unpolluted.

No Work Disruptions

You don’t have to worry about a professional company coming in and interrupting your business during peak hours. On the contrary, professional cleaners come in on your employee’s downtime, typically during after-hours.

Contact DeLeon Restoration

Why would you ever use store-bought equipment when you can utilize the superior services of a professional cleaning company? Our team uses commercial-grade machines that are 500 psi, whereas most store-bought and rental machines operate at 100 psi. Our double process for carpet cleaning involves scrubbing/removal of stains and steam cleaning to effectively remove all stains and odors, including some of the toughest. For commercial carpet cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, contact DeLeon Restoration 24/7. Call (954) 420-6951 for a free quote.