How Long Does Terrazzo Restoration Take?

At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we know that terrazzo flooring is no longer a relic of the past. Homes, businesses, airport terminals and many other spaces are jumping for the beauty of terrazzo flooring. Maybe you’ve ripped up old hardwood only to find beautiful but damaged terrazzo beneath. Maybe you’re looking to save business costs by keeping your current terrazzo flooring going as long as possible. No matter the reason, you need the best terrazzo restoration. How long does terrazzo restoration take? With our help, it’s faster than ever before!

Terrazzo flooring is created from a composite of many different materials such as varying clay and stone that is mixed and set into concrete. No matter what’s happened to your terrazzo flooring, our team at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors is here to help. We offer the best terrazzo restoration in Fort Lauderdale. We can remove damaged layers, replace sealants and polish everything to a beautiful finish.

When you’re restoring your terrazzo flooring, you may have a lot of questions. How long does terrazzo restoration take? It all depends, but you can rest easy knowing that our team at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors will offer the best and fastest restoration. We may complete the project with one extra step- professional concrete resealing in Fort Lauderdale.

Whether you’re looking for terrazzo restoration, refinishing or you’re in need of expert concrete resealing in Fort Lauderdale, it’s time to learn the DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors difference. We’re here to revive your terrazzo flooring, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (954) 947-3114.

Is it Time to Call Concrete Grinding Contractors in Fort Lauderdale?

Concrete Grinding Contractors in Fort LauderdaleConcrete flooring is known for its strength, but over time concrete flooring can experience issues. Caring for your concrete is more than just sweeping the surfaces clean. At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we know that concrete flooring can require polishing, refinishing and other professional services to keep the surfaces in great shape. Our concrete grinding contractors in Fort Lauderdale are here to keep your concrete flooring in great shape with a wide range of services. There are some major signs and problems that indicate it’s time to give our concrete experts a call, such as:

  • Concrete flooring is known for its strength, but it’s not free from issues every now and again. The small pores in all concrete flooring can attract staining and discoloration, and no home strength scrubbing can get these stains out. Instead, you can count on our team for the best concrete floor refinishing in Fort Lauderdale to remove stains.
  • Pitting and chipping. If your concrete has an epoxy or clear covering, the thick coating can get damaged over time with continued use. If you’re seeing chips or holes in your concrete coating or the concrete itself, it’s time to call on our concrete grinding contractors in Fort Lauderdale. We can remove the damaged areas and replace the concrete and coating, restoring your beautiful floors.
  • Moisture problems. If you have carpeting or vinyl over a concrete slab, you may notice concrete issues expressing themselves in your surfaces. If your concrete has moisture problems, your vinyl or carpeting my start warping. It’s recommended to call our team for concrete floor refinishing to restore your concrete’s watertight properties.
  • Dull appearance. Sometimes a concrete problem is as simple as a cosmetic issue. But, you want your flooring in your business to look as perfect as possible. We can reawaken old concrete with concrete floor polishing in Fort Lauderdale, bringing your flooring back to a renewed appearance.

Whether your concrete flooring is the main feature of your designs or it’s the base of another flooring type, you still need to have the best concrete. Our concrete grinding contractors in Fort Lauderdale are here to help keep your floors in their best shape. Whether you’re looking for detailed concrete refinishing or simple concrete floor polishing in Fort Lauderdale, you can count on our flooring experts at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors. We can create a custom concrete plan for your flooring. It all starts with calling our office at (954) 947-3114. Your great new concrete floors are waiting, call today!

How Much Flooring is Removed During Terrazzo Restoration?

Terrazzo Restoration Terrazzo flooring has historically been trusted in beautiful buildings, homes and business as well. If you’re enjoying the beauty of terrazzo flooring, you may wonder how to keep your terrazzo flooring looking its very best. At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we’re here to help keep terrazzo flooring in great shape with our professional terrazzo polishing in Fort Lauderdale. Of course in many cases, polishing alone can’t protect your terrazzo flooring. We also offer many other services, including restoration.

How much flooring is removed during terrazzo restoration? At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, our restoration process is unique from others. We use a 10-step process that does remove some of the tarnished and damaged layers of terrazzo flooring. The amount removed varies from floor to floor, but our team at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors can complete your terrazzo restoration with the utmost professionalism, keeping your floors in great shape no matter what.

With terrazzo restoration, our team at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors can restore your commercial or residential terrazzo flooring to its original state. We can repair many holes, scuffs or other issues with your terrazzo flooring. This is done by removing the damaged top layer of the flooring through a nuanced grinding process. In many cases, terrazzo flooring’s top layer is a clear sealer that can be easily replaced. This means that though we remove some of the flooring through the restoration process, it’s replaced by a new layer in the end.

Not all terrazzo flooring is damaged to the point of requiring complete restoration. Instead, some flooring can benefit more from polishing. With our professional terrazzo polishing in Fort Lauderdale, your terrazzo flooring can look good as new without the need for complete restoration. The benefits of polishing will depend on your flooring’s age, and on the type of damage your flooring is facing. Surface scuffs can often be removed with our terrazzo polishing in Fort Lauderdale, but other types of damage may require full restoration.

How much flooring is removed during terrazzo restoration? As you can see, the answer depends on many different factors. For the best terrazzo restoration and polishing services, it’s time to see how our team at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors may be able to help. We’re committed to helping homes and businesses enjoy the best terrazzo flooring around thanks to restoration and professional terrazzo polishing in Fort Lauderdale. To learn which services can enhance your floors, call our flooring experts at (954) 947-3114.

Terrazzo Polishing Fort Lauderdale

Can I Fix my Floors with Terrazzo Floor Repair in Fort Lauderdale?

Terrazzo Floor Repair Fort Lauderdale, FLFor many people, a beautiful floor is the framework of a beautiful design. For many older homes and businesses, terrazzo flooring is the staple of style and durability. This classic flooring style is created from a unique process in which a binder, such as concrete, is laid on the ground. Then, various chips from marble, granite and other luxury stones are spread throughout the binding mixture. This process can be layered and cured several times to create terrazzo styles. But, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself needing terrazzo floor repair in Fort Lauderdale. How long does terrazzo restoration take? Who offers the best restoration? Our team at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors is here to answer your questions and fix your terrazzo floors.

Terrazzo flooring may be inspired by ancient venetian construction methods, but that doesn’t mean your terrazzo flooring will keep pushing on without the proper maintenance. At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we offer the best terrazzo floor repair in Fort Lauderdale. This can include refinishing your terrazzo floors, helping them reach their former glory.

Chances are, your terrazzo flooring is a mid-century relic, after all this flooring style had a resurgence in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Your terrazzo flooring deserves to shine once again, and our team at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors can help.


How long does terrazzo floor repair take?

If you’re restoring commercial terrazzo flooring, time is of the essence. At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we can work quickly to restore your terrazzo flooring with as little downtime as possible. We take the proper steps to fully restore your flooring, steps such as:

  • Grinding
  • Patching
  • Refilling
  • Refinishing
  • Polishing

We’re committed to helping your terrazzo floors look good as new! Whether your flooring is simply faded, or if it’s got some major damages, we know that with the right terrazzo floor repair in Fort Lauderdale, things can be good as new.

If you’re tired of your terrazzo floors, don’t spend all your money on new flooring! Instead, refinish your floors! With a new coating and patched up problem spots, your terrazzo floors can look good as new. If you’re ready to save your floors, let our experts at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors help. For the best terrazzo floor repair in Fort Lauderdale, call (954) 947-3114. Your beautifully reinvigorated terrazzo floors are more affordable than you’d think, call to learn more.

Are Different Finishes Possible with Concrete Restoration?

Concrete flooring has been covering the ground of businesses and homes for centuries. In fact, the earliest evidence of concrete use dates all the way back to 6500BC. With such a rich history, it’s no wonder that concrete flooring is still trusted for businesses all around Fort Lauderdale. But, without the right care, concrete flooring may not be able to stand the test of time. At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we know that concrete flooring needs the right maintenance if it’s going to last. Luckily with our help, you won’t need to complete your concrete floor refinishing in Fort Lauderdale all alone. We’re here to provide quality services and answer many questions. If you’re wondering how often you should you care for your concrete, or you’re asking yourself “are different finishes possible with concrete restoration?” we’re here to help.

Concrete flooring may be an incredibly durable flooring material, but it’s also incredibly flexible. With different finishes, you can create almost any look with concrete. In fact, some are even able to create patterns in concrete flooring to mimic the look of hardwood flooring! If you’re ready to transform the look of your concrete flooring, it’s time to give our experts at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors a call. There are several different steps we can take to refinish your concrete:

  • Cleaning of the surface
  • Removal of debris
  • Chemical clean
  • Concrete grinding
  • Concrete resealing
  • Concrete polishing

Before we begin to reseal your concrete, we start our high quality concrete floor refinishing in Fort Lauderdale with a deep clean of your concrete flooring. Throughout our refinishing process, we can work to remove major stains and issues that are dragging down the quality of your concrete flooring.

There are many different finishes that are possible with our high quality concrete restoration in Fort Lauderdale. We can breathe new life into your old concrete flooring by bringing in new finishes such as wet look, gloss and matte finishes. Most importantly, these finishes and polishes will work to improve the look and strength of your concrete flooring. At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, our concrete floor refinishing in Fort Lauderdale focuses on reviving your flooring without incurring the cost of an entirely new floor.

With a new concrete finish and polished floor, you’ll bring increased durability to your concrete surfaces, helping stave off the need for flooring replacement. Our team at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors can transform your concrete flooring with our comprehensive restoration and polishing services. Whether you’re looking for a new seal or a deep clean, we’re here to help. Call (954) 947-3114 to learn more.

Where Can You Find Terrazzo Floor Restoration for the Holidays?

There’s a noticeable trend in today’s modern homes in Fort Lauderdale. More home and business owners are opting for terrazzo flooring and the reasons are simple. Terrazzo floors offer unique aesthetic beauty along with remarkable durability. But not everything is meant to last forever. With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the time when more people are hosting parties or family get-togethers.  If your terrazzo floors have seen their better days, it’s time to start thinking about restoring your floors. The professionals at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors can provide comprehensive terrazzo floor restoration in Fort Lauderdale to help keep your looking its best.

Terrazzo floors are created from a mixture of granite, marble, glass and onyx and combined with cement. The results are a stylish and durable surface guaranteed to add instant aesthetic beauty to any home. Over the course of time, terrazzo floors will absorb a tremendous amount of punishment. Sometimes cracks and stains can be unavoidable. Fortunately the team at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors offers a variety of solutions including:

  • Terrazzo polishing
  • Terrazzo floor restoration
  • Terrazzo floor repair and much more

At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors, we take pride in providing the most comprehensive terrazzo floor restoration in Fort Lauderdale. It starts with helping home and business owners save money. Rather than purchase or install a new floor, our terrazzo floor restoration service can save you valuable time and energy. By using the latest cleaning and polishing equipment on the market, we can help your floors look brand new.

Many new customers have plenty of questions. How long does terrazzo floor restoration take? Depending on the health of your flooring, our team of experts can restore your floors quickly by using advance equipment. Whether you own a home or an office, using simple cleaning supplies may not be enough to get your floors looking their best. At DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors we utilize a comprehensive system to cleaning and restoring floors. Cleaning involves more than just removing bacteria and dirt. It also involves maintaining your floor’s functionality.

In addition to terrazzo floor restoration in Fort Lauderdale, the team at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning Contractors also provides commercial janitorial services. It’s part of our commitment to providing affordable solutions to keeping your floors looking their best. To learn more about terrazzo floor restoration in Fort Lauderdale, contact the team at DeLeon Floor Restoration & Cleaning contractors today.

How Are Floor Professionals in Ft Lauderdale Beneficial to You

Several floor surfaces are used within homes and businesses. Any of these surfaces will have heavy foot traffic daily which can make the floors become dirty, stained, worn looking and dull. Basic cleaning such as sweeping and mopping should be done regularly, however, when floors begin to not look their best, it is probably time to use a professional service.

High Foot Traffic Creates Grime

Whether if you live in a home or own a company, you want to have your floors look well taken care of and clean. High foot traffic areas can take a toll on the appearance whether it’s carpet or hard surfaces such as tile and ceramic tiles. Carpet can show big signs of wear because the edges of the carpet will be lighter, while the mostly used carpet is darker from stains and ground in dirt. If you have an area rug on top of the carpet, lifting the rug up can give you an eye opener of how the carpet is in need of floor specialists within Ft Lauderdale to give it a good cleaning.

Hard surface floors are more durable when it comes to foot traffic, but after some time they will show scuff marks and their glossy sheen will become very dull. Most hard surface floors are in kitchens, bathrooms or living areas of the home and in certain spaces within businesses. Even though these floors are durable, they still need to be taken care of on a regular basis just the same as carpets. With these floors, however, they will require different products and techniques for cleaning depending on the type of material.

Techniques of Professional Floor Cleaning

When it comes to floor cleaning, it can get more involved than mopping and sweeping because each surface needs different techniques to ensure that the floor itself can last for years. Certain do-it-yourself cleaning tricks such as vinegar or ammonia may clean your floors, but can have a negative impact on sealants of hard surfaces or leave residue that will attract dirt. Professionals of a Ft Lauderdale cleaning company will be equipped with the machinery and products to make the cleaning process go smoothly and quickly. Carpets will undergo a deep cleaning to remove stains and dirt that is below the surface, while hard surface floors may undergo waxing, buffing, scrubbing and stripping depending on the type of surface. The professional will have the knowledge to know what is needed to be used and to make sure that there is high quality care.

Restoring Old Surfaces

Installing new flooring is a big investment, however, you can save money by restoring the floors that you already have. Professionals that do floor restoration in Fort Lauderdale can make your older floors appear new again. Restoring is not only used for hardwood, but can be used for tile and marble. Overall, floors should be protected to keep their brilliance and lengthen their lifespan as much as possible with the proper maintenance care.

Choosing the Right Janitorial Services for Your Business

When choosing the right company to do cleaning services for your business, it can be a difficult task. One major component that stands out is the cost of the service to clean the facility. When bids begin to come in, most companies may give you the same quote, but how can you figure out what factors will be the best for you and your business? You and your cleaner should be a good match in order to have the best experience possible and to get the job completed to your best satisfaction.

There are many factors that you should take in consideration such as the company being able to customize a cleaning schedule that you require, being in the cleaning industry for an extended period of time and having the knowledge of cleaning situations and that they will be respectful to you and your business. De Leon Floor Restoration and Cleaning will provide you with all of these things and providing you with top customer service that will fit your needs.

Our Quality Will Meet Your Expectations

We know that you have high expectations on how your business should look. We offer services that are the best in quality floor cleaning in Ft Lauderdale such as a unique cleaning program, a customized cleaning plan and special services that will address your needs for any type of flooring. We use cleaning methods and products that are up-to-date and will keep you ahead of your competitors. We want to ensure you that not only will your floors be in top shape, but that your company’s offices and other special areas will be clean and reduce the risk of germs. This also plays a role in how well you take pride in the appearance of your business and can even encourage the morality of your employees.

Competitive Pricing

Cost is not what we want you to focus on when it comes to quality. We will work with you in setting up guidelines of what to budget for the type of services you are looking for. We don’t want you to think of us as a company that has only has cheap floor cleaning and restoration in Ft Lauderdale, but someone that can help to extend the life of your business assets. The services will also be customized for your business, no matter how small or big the building may be.

We are committed to every project that your business needs. We are the right chose for janitorial services in Fort Lauderdale for you. If you would like to see how our services work, you can view our website or contact us by phone at (954) 947-3114. We will provide you a free estimate of the work you would like to have completed. Once you have the information that you need, you can then decide if we are the right people to hire for the job. We want to make sure you can see the difference of how well we complete services compared to our competitors.

DeLeon Floor Restoration and Cleaning Contractors

Let Us Transform Your Floors

It all starts with what you want. When you think about what you need in your commercial cleaning company, does your current company meet those expectations? At Fort Lauderdale’s De Leon Floor Restoration and Cleaning Contractors we care about the work we do and you can tell the difference. Whether its your office, gym, business or any other facility, we go the extra mile to give you the best cleaning and restoration in Fort Lauderdale. Once you know what you want, De Leon Floor Restoration and Cleaning Contractors will make sure your expectations are met.

Ft Lauderdale cleaning company

The De Leon Cleaning System Program

De Leon Floor Restoration and Cleaning Contractors is the Ft Lauderdale cleaning company with a plan. Once you come to us with what you would like in your cleaning company, we implement our De Leon Cleaning System Program. What is the De Leon Cleaning System Program? First, we customize a cleaning plan, specifically engineered to meet your needs and your budget. Then we make sure that our Ft. Lauderdale floor professionals provide you with a healthy clean that will help reduces your exposure to germs and offensive odors. We are prepared to meet any special services with our precise cleaning methods for all of your carpets, tiles or specific flooring needs. Finally, our plan is carried out by only the best staff Ft. Lauderdale floor professionals. All of our De Leon employees are fully bonded and insured, so you can rest assured that your custom plan will be carried out by only the most qualified staff.

We want you to have the plan that meets your expectations and that is included in our competitive prices. Just because we go the extra mile doesn’t mean you have to spend a pretty penny. We investigate industry standards and share them with you so you can see for yourself how we determined our prices. You get the best price, cleaning and restoration in Fort Lauderdale, not to mention 24/7 support. No matter where or when you have a question you can use our unlimited customer service over the phone, online or onsite.

Ft Lauderdale floor professionals

The De Leon Guarantee

Finally, our De Leon Clean System Program is backed by our De Leon Guarantee.

We have created a custom cleaning plan to meet the expectations you have laid out. If, at any point you feel as though we have not followed through with our commitment to the best of our ability, we will do the job again, free of charge. We guarantee the product you receive is the best cleaning and restoration in Ft. Lauderdale and we are happy to prove it.

Ft Lauderdale cleaning and restoration

The proof is in the pudding. We at De Leon Floor Restoration and Cleaning Contractors have made a name for ourselves as a premier Fort Lauderdale Cleaning Company, as you can tell by our growing set of customers from hospitals to schools. You have probably seen us at the University of Miami, admired our work at the Marriott and the Hilton, or heard about us at the Bank of America. We understand that each company has its own needs and so through our custom cleaning plans, we are able to meet all their needs with only the most innovative cleaning methods in Fort Lauderdale.

We want your company to stay ahead of your competition. We can help with our up-to-date cleaning methods and green alternatives that keep your company healthy and environmentally conscious.

When you begin looking for a new Ft Lauderdale cleaning and restoration, think about what you really want. Then let us meet your expectations and beyond with our custom cleaning plan, competitive pricing, 24/7 customer service and De Leon guarantee. Let us transform your floors.

Why Hire Floor Specialists in Fort Lauderdale

floor specialists in Fort Lauderdale

Floors get a lot of wear and tear. Whether it's scuffs from heels or loafers, or dirt and mud tracked in from outside, your flooring is constantly under siege. Whether it's marble or hardwood or tile, your building's floors can begin to deteriorate without proper care. When you're running a business, appearance counts for your customers. Here are a few reasons to get the floors cleaned and restored regularly by floor specialists in Fort Lauderdale.

Floor Cleaning Ft Lauderdale


Scuffed, Dirty Floors Look Unprofessional

You've put a lot of time and energy into your business. You want to present yourselves as a hardworking, professional organization that goes the extra mile for customers. But potential clients can be turned off by an office building with chipped dirty tiles and scuffed marble flooring. You wouldn't eat at a dirty restaurant; why would you do business at a location that doesn't care about its appearance?

Floor specialists in Fort Lauderdale can help you maintain your building's flooring in order for it to look clean, crisp, and professional. Whether it's regular scrubbing, mopping, polishing, or grinding services, they can visit your property on a regular basis in order to ensure the flooring looks neat and tidy. A clean, shining floor conveys to potential clients that you truly care about every aspect of your business.

Dirty, Older Floors Can Harbor Fungi and Bacteria

In the Florida humidity, older flooring that hasn't been regularly cleaned and maintained can be a breeding ground for fungi and mold. Mold spores can grow in hardwood and tile that's been subjected to heat and humid conditions. If clients are tracking water inside the building from a rainstorm, that can add to the problem- and Fort Lauderdale gets plenty of rain.

Mold spores are toxic to humans and can cause a range of symptoms including headache, lethargy, and difficulty breathing. If you're a landlord, you could even face a lawsuit for not preventing mold in the building. But you don't have to worry about it if you hire a team of floor specialists in Fort Lauderdale who are accustomed to dealing with floor issues in the region's heat. They can deep-clean and scrub the floors to ensure that mold and fungi don't get in.

Floor Restoration Fort Lauderdale


Restoring Floors Is Cheaper Than Replacing Them

If you're in an older building, you may have noticed that your tile floor is beginning to chip or the hardwood is starting to warp. These are common floor issues that are caused by wear, time, and humidity. But with proper restoration services from floor specialists in Fort Lauderdale, you can keep the original historic flooring instead of having to make a costly replacement.

Replacing floors is expensive, time-consuming, and results in a loss of business. While you're tearing up the old floors and installing the new, nobody can work in the building. Whether you're a landlord or a business owner, it's hard to afford the cost of a new floor: hiring contractors is costly, risky, and a huge hassle. It's much easier to hire floor specialists to restore and maintain the original floor.

Overall, restoring and maintaining flooring is essential for business appearance, employee health, and costs. Using a combination of special polishing, scrubbing, and grinding tools, floor specialists in Fort Lauderdale can give you a custom solution and plan to ensure your floors are clean, sparkling, and free of mold or fungi. This will save you money, time, and the possibility of expensive lawsuits. No matter what type of floor, a team of specialists can help your flooring look tidy and well-maintained to keep your building looking professional.